Frequently Asked Questions

The new website being different from the previous one, some members seem to have difficulties logging in and using it. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers, which should help you solve the problems you may encounter.

If your problem is not solved or if persists, please contact the webmaster and describe clearly what it is (including any error codes or messages you might encounter).

Q: I can't log in.

A:If you're a member of the CAF French WIng and have received your access codes, please click Connexion (at the bottom of the page). Enter your ID (identifiant) and password (mot de passe) exactly as they were sent to you (with capitals and spaces, no accents).

Once you're logged in, you will be redirected to your profile page. You can update this if you wish, or click on the "CAF French Wing" link on the top left hand of the screen as shown on the image below.

 Q: I'm a member of the French Wing but I haven't received my access codes.

A: You need to request them, by filling out the form on this page. You will receive your codes on the email address you've indicated.

Q: I've requested my access codes but haven't received anything.

A: Are you sure you indicated the right email address (no typos) and have you checked your spam folder?

We try to give the access codes as quickly as possible, generally within a few minutes or hours. If you haven't received anything after 48 hours, please request your codes again or contact the webmaster.

Q: I've tried to log in several times and I'm now locked out of the site. Why?

A: This is a basic security measure to make sure the site and data concerning the members are adequately protected. After 5 invalid login attempts, you will be locked out of the site for 4 hours.

As with most modern sites, intrusion and hacking attempts happen on a very regular basis (sometimes several times a day). As a result, we feel that the level of security should not be lowered.

[important]To avoid being locked out, please type your id and password exactly as they were provided to you.[/important]