Terror attacks in Paris

Published on 14 November 2015 by Bertrand Brown
Dear friends,

You have probably heard by now of the terrorist attacks in Paris. We hope that you are all safe. Given the situation, it seems advisable to postpone our general assembly to a further date.

The president has just confirmed that the the state of emergency has been decreed for the entire country, and the Paris region will probably be on lockdown tomorrow. In order not to hamper ongoing security operations, and in the interest of safety, cancelling the assembly seems the best thing to do.

Given the late hour, I haven't been able to reach Stéphan Duchemin to confirm this, but I wanted to send this message out as soon as possible. Please regularly check for the latest news on our website or Facebook page.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of today's cowardly attacks and to their relatives.

Best regards,

Bertrand Brown

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