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Published on 28 May 2022 by Philippe Ferretti

What I really needed, actually, was not only a light make-up touch-up, but also some deep skin care... Make your own advice according to the following to-do list :

  • sand down the big-letter civilian registration from the fuselage sides,
  • fully strip and repaint the engine cowlings,
  • prepare the fuselage for the yellow painting,
  • paint the fuselage yellow,
  • paint one blue and thirteen red-white stripes on the rudder,
  • lay the 1917-1942 style roundels on the fuselage and the wings,
  • apply the registration markings in small letters under the tailplane,
  • strip and paint the engine air deflectors,
  • gold paint touch-up on the carter,
  • yellow paint touch-up on the wing struts,
  • paint the "Spirit of Lewis" name and nose-art,
  • change the rusted screws, nuts and bolts,
  • overall clean the airplane.

April 24, 2004 was a special day for me. First, members came again to take care of me:

Some friends who came to Persan on Avril 24 & 25, 2004. Left to right: Fumiko Delfino, Michel Ducreau (Eric's brother), Didier Cardinal, Patrick Pierre-Pierre, Eric Ducreau, Bernard Delfino, Gilles Avenel, and Philippe Duflot.

Semaan Soueid checks the tyres, under the watchful eyes of Bernard and Didier Guillot, friend and coworker by British Airways.

Didier Cardinal, Guy Perrin, and the whole team strip Spirit of Lewis of her civilian registration.

Château of Chantilly and its gardens as first destination after resuming flights. Not bad, huh ?

Then, a mountain of paperwork later, I was insured again for flying. And for the first time since my ferry flight of July 2003, I took air again to visit the neighborhood, and château de Chantilly, with some members. Who had to learn how to embark a Piper Cub...


... Ho !

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