My first lifting

Published on 23 May 2022 by Philippe Ferretti

Some time later begun works for my new color scheme. The idea was to keep the yellow basis - following both Mr Nicolle's wish : "Not another green Cub" and the common sens of the wallet - but even though with a more “military” livery. Members were asked to vote, and choose the “US Navy” version, against the “Civil Air Patrol” one. The scraping and sanding phases started on March 27.

Some friends in Persan on March 27. From left to right : Fumiko Delfino, Guy Perrin, Didier Cardinal, Cédric Malhaire, Roger Gouzon, Frédéric Pollicella, and at the foregroung, Bernard Delfino.

Guy Perrin working on the 65HP Continental engine.

When two vintage legends meet











Lunch break at the airfield restaurant. From left, clockwise : Gaëlle Lebras, friend of Cédric, Cédric Malhaire, Guy Perrin, Bernard and Fumiko Delfino, Roger Gouzon, Frédéric Pollicella, and Didier Cardinal.

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